Metatron Discovery launches mobile app for Android

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Metatron Discovery launches mobile app for Android

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Metatron Discovery has launched a mobile app to provide its users with the full functionality of the business intelligence from anywhere.

We are very excited to launch our new Android app, which puts the viewing functionality of the Metatron Discovery dashboard at the fingertips.

The app provides users to easily view the dashboards in their Metatron Discovery web service through their smartphone:

  • Manage workspaces/channels: You can manage Metatron Discovery sites located in different domains as channels and manage workspaces within the channels.
  • View Dashboards in the workspace: You can acquire insights by viewing and interacting the dashboards not only on the web but also on the smartphone.

It’s a great advantage for Metatron Discovery users who can now literally carry their dashboards in their pocket.

Now it’s available in a Google Play :

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