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Using Druid as a linked data source in Metatron Discovery

When creating a dashboard from a data source already loaded in Druid, it is often difficult to visualize with Metatron Discovery when complex queries such as subquery are required. In such a case, it can be solved by creating a Linked Datasource after creating an appropriate query using Druid SQL. 1. Data Set Use the…
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Time Series Data Analysis Using Metatron Discovery

Metatron Discovery utilizes Druid as a data processing engine, and thus has many strengths in analyzing large time series based data. Metatron Discovery was developed to take full advantage of these features of Druid. In this example, we will explain how to analyze time series data using Metatron Discovery through an example. Visualizing time series…
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Share your workbook with your colleagues!

Did you create a workbook with Metatron Discovery? Then you can share your insightful workbook with your colleagues. 1. Create a shared workspace The first thing you need to do is, create a shared workspace. Go to the Workspace List and click the ⊕ button on the Shared Workspace page. Then just type a name…
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Let’s embed a Dashboard or Chart in another application

If you’ve analyzed your business data and created a great dashboard or chart, you might want to include it on another system or web page. Fortunately, Metatron Discovery provides a way to embed dashboards or charts in other applications. First, let’s assume that a dashboard and chart have been pre-created through a particular user ‘metatron’.…
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