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Metatron Discovery now Available in Microsoft Azure Marketplace!

We’ve announced Metatron Discovery in the AWS Marketplace in our previous post. Today we are excited to announce the availability of Metatron Discovery in the Azure Marketplace as a single VM. There are two ways of deploying Metatron Discovery with Azure. Case 1 – Azure Marketplace Search “Metatron Discovery” on Azure Marketplace and click on…
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Metatron Discovery on AWS Marketplace

Now Metatron Discovery is available on AWS Marketplace! It is a free open source version. If you have an AWS instance then feel free to use Metatron Discovery with just a few clicks. Find us from AWS Marketplace searching “metatron discovery”. Got stuck? Contact us or leave your situation to our discussion forum. Our team…
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Deploying Metatron Discovery on AWS in 5 minutes

Hello, users! As many of you asked before, we are happy to annonunce that we can finally introduce you the easiest way to deploy Metatron Discovery in AWS! We’ll be listed on the AWS marketplace in the few weeks. But before that time, you just can download our template file here! Above is the video…
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