Metatron Discovery 3.0.2 is released

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Metatron Discovery 3.0.2 is released

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Improved version of the Metatron Discovery 3.0 is released now! It includes some bug fixes and enhancements. You can see more details in this url:

Main Impovements

Data Preparation feature is mainly imporved in this version. Follwing two functions would be testable in our demo:

#42 Spports edit/update rule command in the middle of the rule list

Before 3.0.2 version, only last rule can be edited or deleted. For improving usability, we decided to support editting rules in the middle of the rule list.

#55 Added window function in Data Preparation

We support ‘Window Function’ now in Data Preparation. row_number, rank, rolling_sum, rolling_avg functions are implemented first.
Detailed commit history is existed:
Below is detailed improvments in this version:


#3 Add a guide to connect muliti-datasources
#14 Improve data connection load/registration
#29 Add snapshot cancelation feature on data preparation
#33 Provide status for creating snapshots
#36 Save on HDFS first for WAS clusters
#42 Edit/update rule command in the middle of the rule list
#54 Need to distinguish main data source and lookup data source
#55 Add window functions on data preparation
#82 Set default locale for Timestamp format data as US-Eng
#85 Make snapshot generating method thread-safe
#110 Exclude mismatched rows when create hive snapshot
#116 Improve waterfall chart visualization
#121 Check Hive naming rule before snapshot generation

Bug Fix

#20 Fail to download original data
#66 Can not make preparation snapshot in dataflow, before open it at least once
#67 The sankey chart is not displayed on certain datasources
#87 Dashboard selection error when using 2-depth chart selection
#91 Datasource detail view of workspace doesn’t work
#93 Settype rule timestamp format validation error
#99 StagingDB-based snapshot generation failed
#102 The heatmap chart is not rendered properly
#103 Workbench commented query not skipped but produced error
#119 Korean characters are broken when opening the .csv file

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