Metatron Discovery 3.0.3 is released

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Metatron Discovery 3.0.3 is released


This version is an improved version of the 3.0 release and includes many fixed bugs with some enhancements.
If you are using 3.0.2 now, we highly recommend you to upgrade to 3.0.3.

The followings are improvements in this version:


#198 Allow change of command when editing rule
#202 Add an action in an activity stream
#246 Remove duplicate feature in settype timestamp type
#252 to improve the procedures of uploading file for dataset

Bug Fix

#173 Metadata information is missing on data source detail popup when creating dashboard
#182 JDBC batch datasource error
#186 Disappearing summary info in workspace folders
#190 Undefined error when editing set rule
#196 Improve usability of the dashboard’s time filter widget
#204 Information on Datasource’s detail page is different to each other
#209 Error displaying detailed data source view on dashboard linked with two or more data sources
#211 Setting the logical type to etc causes an error in Metadata column schema page
#213 Aggregation of calculation field does not apply well
#215 An error that caused the label to be incorrect when the filter value is uploaded to the widget
#216 Calculation field disappears when copying a dashboard that contains calculation fields
#218 Formula field name should not contain special characters
#221 Logical type isn’t displayed on metadata tooltip in Dashboard
#224 Problems with dashboard display reflecting multi-data source after data source deletion
#225 Timestamp format returns null when current index is changed
#227 Chart name is initialized when changing target data source on chart edit screen
#232 Fix union popup css error – different heights and double scroll bars
#251 Setting decimal places is not working
#254 Query starts with comment won’t execute.
#261 workbench schema browser’s table list did not showed
#278 Label values are the same when there are several series
#280 datalabel, tooltip error in gauge chart
#296 fix color type script bug in pie chart
#302 db connection did not closed well.
#305 Schema Browser Error in Workbench
#307 custom color setting error in bar chart

Detailed release information is here:

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