Meet metatron Discovery in SKT’s TANGO Data Warehouse!

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Meet metatron Discovery in SKT’s TANGO Data Warehouse!

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SK Telecom, being Korea’s leading mobile carrier, strives to make consumer experiences better. To improve our services, we monitor the call quality data collected from all network equipment. We gather and manage service quality data on our platform called TANGO DW (Data Warehouse).

TANGO is short for ‘T Advanced Next Generation Operations supporting system’. It is an AI network management system based on big-data analysis and machine learning, developed by SK Telecom. We optimize network quality, analyze the status of the network and manage customer experience quality on this platform. TANGO DW is comprised of about one thousand servers. It collects and processes about 60 TB of data a day. In this platform, Metatron Discovery is in charge of the analytics part where analyzing and visualizing happen. Take a look at a typical analysis dashboard in TANGO:

This is a dashboard for managing Customer Experience Index (CEI). CEI is an index score indicating mobile communication quality. It is marked in a scale up to one hundred. The platform generates calculation of each customer’s CEI value every hour. Data is always large. SK Telecom has about thirty million customers, which leads to about seven hundred million records of CEI data generated every day. As the dashboard shown above, data is visualized through Metatron discovery.

With such dashboards, Metatron Discovery handles millions of druid queries per month. An average response time takes about five hundred milliseconds per query, which enables us to guarantee our users of high concurrency and responsiveness.

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