Metatron Discovery 3.0.0 is out

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Metatron Discovery 3.0.0 is out

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An initial release version(3.0.0) of Metatron Discovery is out! We used to be a B2B solution that personally managed the source code until now. But we are interested in making the Metatron more popular and develop it together. Also we wanted to create a community of people using Metatron as well. So we decide to run Metatron Discovery as an open source project. We are expecting your feedback and requests.

For details read on!

Open Source Project

We finally opened our project in GitHub last week. See our code-level improvements and give us feedback through GitHub Issues. We will appreciate your interests and commitments.

Main Features in Metatron-Discovery

Previously Metatron provides:

  • Interactive dashboards with 16 types of WSIWYG charts.
  • SQL based data exploration.
  • Connections with advanced analytics tools like Apache Zeppline.
  • Metadata management.
  • Data source creation from local, existing DBs, HIVE, and Kafka streams.
  • GUI based data preparation.
  • Monitoring tools for logs, jobs, and lineages of datasets.
  • Administrations for users and workspaces for high ganularity security model.
  • Customized Druid allows for metatron not only staying blazing-fast while slicing and dicing large, but also overcoming Druid weaknesses.

Improvments in this Version

Multi Data Source

Supporting multi-data source when dashboarding is powerful for business users. Our customers keep requesting us that they want to link multiple related datasets in a dashboard. So finally we introduce the feature for this version 3.0.0. It will empower users to get more chances to find insights when they more deep-dive into data.

Metadata Management

To enable business users to work as data bases on the job, they need to be able to quickly and easily understand the data they need to get insights. That’s why the “Metadata Management” is needed. Metadata management is the administration of data that describes other data. Metatron provide data manager to manage metadata, dictionary,catagory and code tables with easy web UI.

SAML2.0 Supported

Metatron Discovery supports SAML 2.0 based single sign-on. SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) is an XML standard that allows secure web domains to exchange user authentication and authorization data. Users can be authenticated against any external or corporate identity provider that follows the standard SAML2.0 protocol. Identity providers generate the SAML assertion, which is then used by Metatron Discovery to allow users to log in. For the integration, please contact us!

Improved Dashboard UI

  • Friendly user interface in making chart hierachy.
  • Improved grid chart settings.
  • Revised text options in dashboard widget.
  • Added charts options
  • Improved KPI chart, Grid chart

You can download the new version of Metatron at here. Keep an eye on us!

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