Author: Jeong Ryong Lee

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Indexing and searching full text data with Druid

gis.csv By default, Druid can load and search text data in a dimension. However, if the length of the text is long, it has a search performance issue and there is a limit to the complex text search like a search engine. How do you search for data that has eight or fewer words between…
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Learn more about your data source

With Metatron distributing Druid, you can see more detailed status of your data source. In addition to the default Timeseries-based segment status that the Druid console provides, you can see in more detail what information you have in the data source. Datasource detailed views from Metatron are available in several places. You will see it…
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Querying SQL using Metatron’s Workbench

Metatron’s Workbench is used to execute SQL queries. It is usually used in the early stages of data exploration, and it is also used before using Workbook or Notebook. In this article, you will learn how to perform simple SQL queries in the workbench. First, for a simple example, we will connect to a database…
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Worldcup Analysis with Metatron Discovery

Let’s make a dashboard for analysis using the World Cup match results data. This document will show you how Metatron Discovery ‘s Data Prep function and workbook features can be used in your analysis. 1. Creating datasets for Worldcup First, let’s get the data with World Cup matches result information. You can download data for…
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