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Visualize Real-time Data with Metatron Discovery

Let’s find out how to create a real-time dashboard when having a streaming data. First of all, you need a streaming data. I just create an artificial one for this test. If you already have one, just skip this step. import sys import json import math from datetime import datetime from time import sleep from…
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Worldcup Analysis with Metatron Discovery

Let’s make a dashboard for analysis using the World Cup match results data. This document will show you how Metatron Discovery ‘s Data Prep function and workbook features can be used in your analysis. 1. Creating datasets for Worldcup First, let’s get the data with World Cup matches result information. You can download data for…
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Announcing Metatron Discovery: A new open source business intelligence platform powered by Druid

Today, I am extremely excited to announce Metatron Discovery, a new open source business intelligence platform powered by Druid. We first began working on Druid from SK Telecom for a few years, we’ve been proud to contribute the project grow and take on a life of its own. Our initial goal was to enable users…
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